Psychosocial Support


SSI understands that our youth participants require support to express their inner feelings, and channel their repressed emotions into positive creative outlets and overcome adversity. Our Psychosocial Support Program offers youth:

Psychological counselling
SSI provides both individual and group counseling and mentoring for youth every day.

Coaching and goal-setting
All of SSI’s program staff work with our youth participants to identify personal, academic and career goals, and develop effective strategies to overcome potential stumbling blocks and achieve these goals.

Play and leisure
Physical activity is important to improve discipline, commitment and concentration. The participants are involved in sports once a week such as aerobics, horse back riding, football, netball, judo, ball skills and basketball. Youth are also encouraged to join the boys’ or girls’ book clubs, and read and discuss some of the many books in our library.

Twice a week the adolescents participate in expression activities through a variety of means such as poetry, dance, drama, singing, drawing, writing or another creative outlet. This time period gives the child the opportunity to express him/herself in a constructive manner about various issues he/she is currently facing.

Caregiver support
One of SSI’s social workers visits the youth participants’ families on a monthly basis to offer support, identify any issues within the home and develop and implement a family care plan in caring for the child. Additionally the social worker provides feedback on the child’s progress in the program and referrals to the appropriate existing organizations or sectors within Mochudi including the Social Welfare Community Development Department, the ARV program, and or BOFWA (Botswana Family Welfare Association).