Life Skills


Stepping Stones recognizes the life of an adolescent can be rife with challenges. We provide youth with the essential skills to cope with whatever life deals them. Our Life Skills Programming offers our youth:

Academic support
Every SSI participant receives help with homework from our specialized tutors, as well as study skills and exam preparation tips from our Education Coordinator.

HIV prevention / health
HIV is a reality for many youth in Botswana. SSI conducts regular Health Chats, providing participants with accurate information about how to protect themselves from HIV, and how to live a healthy lifestyle so they can achieve their future goals.

SSI is also host to the first Baylor Children’s Clinic satellite Teen Club site. Once a month, 35 HIV-positive teens from Kgatleng District get together to discuss Living Positive with a health professional, and the group serves as a support network for youth who often face discrimination and fear speaking openly about their status.

Communication skills
Many SSI youth are living with extended family members, including grandmothers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. This can sometimes make it difficult to open up, and discuss teenage issues, such as academic performance, curfew, relationships, grief and mourning, or instances of abuse.

SSI provides youth with practical training and techniques for bridging gaps in intergenerational communication, and encourages them to voice their concerns with their caregivers and work on finding solutions to their challenges.

Financial management
Each SSI participant is currently participating in an income generating project. For many youth, this is the first time they are empowered to make decisions about money, whether it’s buying food for their catering company or determining ticket prices for their movie showing at the local primary school. The opportunity to make decisions and take risks in handling money is essential to their development into financially competent adults.

Peer education
SSI believes that one of the best ways to build the confidence of our youth is through teaching others. That’s why SSI uses peer education techniques to introduce a range of topics and skills, such as communication, goal setting, HIV prevention, multiple concurrent partnership, community engagement and many others.