Leadership-puzzle-final The aim of Stepping Stones International’s “Finding the Leader Within” program is for youth to become self-sufficient leaders in their communities. The “Finding the Leader Within” program, supported in Partnership with FACET Foundation, provides youth with:

Entrepreneurship Skills
In addition to the income generation projects, some of SSI’s participants are using the skills and profits acquired from running their group businesses to start their own entrepreneurial endeavours. One youth has started his own hair cutting business with an interest-free loan from the SSI companies, which he will pay back over the first month of operations. Our out of school youth, participating in the peer education program, have also initiated their own tuck shop to sell sweets during break time at peer education workshops. Stock for the tuck shop was purchased with a loan from the SSI companies, which they paid back in the first week!

Career Awareness
SSI hosts people from various trades and professions to discuss their jobs and how they attained their trades or positions. This exposes the OVC to career opportunities, job skills training and helps them to develop their own personal and professional goals. In addition the program teaches the youth other job skills such as public speaking, interviewing, writing a CV, and note taking. SSI has started to assist youth to find internships with private sector companies, which often lead to jobs and further studies.

Income-generation activities (IGA)
SSI currently implements income generating activities that are managed by our youth. There are four companies that SSI youth have formed.

“Rocking Rhythmic City Company” (Events)
“Mochudi Art Masters” (Arts)
“Hungry Hippos Super Snacks” (Catering)
“Excellent Movies” (Movies)

Computer Training
In the Information Age, computer literacy is a necessity for youth seeking entry into the workforce. The newly built Graff Leadership Centre currently houses three computer labs, with 18 computers in total, to teach SSI youth basic typing, Word, Excel, and internet usage.