Japanese Embassy Visit Excites Youth

#First10Next is  Stepping Stones International’s (SSI) philosophy that hopes to continue all the growth that SSI has achieved over the last ten years an carry momentum into the coming decade. As part of this growth SSI has gotten in touch with its community to offer fresh, new experiences for its youth.

Diversity and culture are important to SSI as we want our youth to be aware that they are part of a global environment and that their hopes, dreams and motivation should not be limited by their culture or country. As part of our ethos we encourage our youth to have a fearless and boundless imagination.

We contacted the Japanese Embassy in Botswana and they jumped at the opportunity to share with our youth the wonderful customs, tradition and culture of Japan. Three representatives from The Japanese Embassy spent an afternoon at SSI where they set up stations each examining one small aspect of Japanese culture. At one the stations youth got to speak basic Japanese and learn about Japanese religion. Our youth were excited to articulate a language that is completely alien to them and marvel at the wonder, colorful splendor of Japanese seasonal festivals. The other two stations involved calligraphy and origami which suited our youth whose typically show a great enthusiasm for art.

We would like to say a warm thank you and “Arigatou Gozaimasu” to Mr Yoshiro, Ms. Hoshino, Ms. Hamada and The Japanese Embassy in Botswana for being so willing to share their culture. Your visit truly provided an unforgettable experience for our youth and our door will always be open to you and we hope this will be one of many such events.