French Culture Day Huge Success!

Stepping Stones International (SSI) hold cultural diversity as a fundamental part of all it’s programming. As SSI celebrates 10 years of operation we have requested foreign embassies located in Botswana to contact their constituents and share the cultures of their countries in short, interactive sessions held at our center in Mochudi.

The French Embassy of Botswana responded and were fortunate enough to have HE Mrs Anne de la Blanche, Ambassador to Botswana and a team of French citizens residing in Botswana visit us to host A French Culture Day.

French Embassy Stepping Stones International

A journey through the anals of french history.

The verve and “je ne sais quoi” of France was on display in full force. For two hours various activities were set up at our site in Mochudi. There was a language station where our youth got a brief French lesson et “c’etait tres fantastique”! Another stall comprised of an art-history section where our youth got a taste of french art and a lesson on franco-culture in the 80 countries the make up Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). The final stall was a crepe-making stall which for obvious reasons was huge, delicious success. The sessions were fun, interactive and definitely provided an experience that will be etched in the minds of our youth for many years to come.

French Embassy Stepping Stones International

Youth get excited making crepes

French Culture Day 2016 marks the second time The French Embassy has collaborated with SSI to share and promote French Culture. In 2014 SSI had a resoundingly successful French Culture Day which was well received by our youth and community and we are blessed and thankful for The French Embassy’s continued support and willingness to share the culture of their country.

French Culture was one of many cultural exchanges that will take place as SSI celebrates ten years of operation in Botswana though it’s “#First10Next10” campaign. SSI has worked in close partnership with The Government of Botswana and various community stakeholders from its inception in 2006 to unlock the potential of vulnerable adolescents ages 12-25 through holistic development, strengthening families and activating sustainable opportunities to become self-sufficient. Over this ten year period SSI has reach over seven thousand youth in Botswana and intends to grow and continue to serve Botswana in years to come.